Ministries Group 1


The Bereavement Ministry is dedicated to honoring and acknowledging God in all our ways and blessing those who mourn during difficult times with greater comfort, prayer, and support.

Children’s Church

The Children’s Church Ministry of Judson Baptist Church was established to provide practical worship experiences and interactive learning environments for children to learn about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, in conjunction with adult caretakers with the goal of building a godly heritage for the Kingdom of God.

Christian Education

Christian Education Ministry of Judson Baptist Church was established to provide experiences and environments of community in which believers may be enriched and enlightened through knowledge of the Scriptures, conformed to the image of Christ, and equipped for service by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.


The Culinary Ministry was designed to serve the Lord with gladness, complete the good work that God has begun with thankfulness and prayer, and encourage Christian fellowship through food and sharing.

Decision Counselors

The Ministry of Decision Counselors is devoted to guiding the unsaved as well as the saved in the way of our Lord and Savior, making clear God’s plan of salvation, and praying for the faithfulness and spiritual growth of all who are coming into the knowledge of Christ Jesus.

Faith Health

The Faith Health Ministry is designed to help coordinate life holistically bringing together the stewardship of the spiritual and physical components of life in a way that produces health that glorifies God.

For God’s Glory Dance

For God’s Glory Dance Ministry will praise the Lord, strengthen the body of Christ through the ministry of liturgical dance, encourage true worship, avail ourselves to be used to God’s glory, and express the joy in having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.